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ERC – Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder by Joanne Fluke

The Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder will be the first book I am reading for the ERC. I am not reading in order on the list. I am already committed to other challenges as well, so I am reading books when I have the time to devote to them, and them alone. Right now, I am reading several heavy topic books, so I am looking forward to a lighthearted, fun read. The Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder seems right up my alley. It is a mystery book, but is more along the lines of a cozy mystery and I do not think I have ever read one of those before. I wanted to start out with the Red Velvet Cupcake¬†Murder, but it is one of the most recent in the series, and there are 18 so far, and it appeared there were characters mentioned from previous books. So… I decided to start with book one. I am looking forward to this read and the review. I will let you know what I think about the book once I finish! Have a wonderful Wednesday!


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