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The Maze Runner by James Dashner – ERC Challenge – @bookdout

on February 16, 2015

I really loved this futuristic dystopian novel by James Dashner. I debated if I should give it four or five stars, so I think I will give it four, but say it is a close 4.5. In this story we met a young man, Thomas, who is of an undetermined age, we assume around 16, and has no memory. He arrives in an area known only as The Glade. Here there is a functioning society of other kids of a variety of ages that have developed their own type of government, their own language, and system for maintaining The Glade. One of the most fascinating features of The Glade is the large maze that surrounds the grounds. Thomas arrives in a box that usually carries supplies, and around once a month another male to live in The Glade. Thomas learns of all the various roles and jobs within the system of The Glade, but there is one job he feels destined to do…. be a Runner. Runners go into the maze every day and see if there are patterns that will help solve the maze and free the kids who are living in The Glade all while dodging Grievers, deadly creatures who’s intent is to kill anyone in their path. Little does everyone know that things are about to change. First with the arrival of Thomas. Then with the arrival the next day of a new member. A first. A girl. A girl with a message. The rules as they know it are about to change.

This book is wonderful. It is confusing. It is wonderfully confusing. It is a beautiful chaos. It makes you ask, who? What? Why? Just when you think you think you have something figured out, you are wrong. And it leaves you guessing what could possibly happen next?

I cannot wait to get started on the second book, in fact I finished this book at 5:00 am this morning and I am already starting the second one now. I cannot wait to see what Dashner has in store for the rest of the series.


3 responses to “The Maze Runner by James Dashner – ERC Challenge – @bookdout

  1. I haven’t read this but I did watch the movie recently which I enjoyed. Thanks for sharing your Eclectic Reader review.

  2. Brenda Best says:

    Just got the DVD from Netflix. I wasn’t aware it was based on a book. Great review!

  3. If you enjoyed the movie, be sure to check out the book! It is much better. You will love it!

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