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ERC – A Novel Published Before You Were Born – And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie – @bookdout

on August 28, 2015

I loved how much Agatha Christie loved the idea for And Then There Were None. She came up with this truly clever plan. Ten people, seemingly random, would be sent to a famous remote island where they would one by one begin to die. With no hiding spots, ways to get on or off the island, or outside communication… how could a murderer be getting away with each act? That is left for the reader to figure out, and hopefully the guests before they are all finished off. Will they make it off the island? Only time will tell. This is my first Agatha Christie, but will certainly not be the last! Before I finished this one, I had already gotten the movie on Netflix, ordered another on kindle and audible, and gotten my Hercule Poirot’s Christmas dusted off and ready to go! I give this book Five of the Biggest Fattest Gold Stars I can find, and wish I could give it even more! I may have found my new favorite author! @bookdout


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