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What Book's Up, Buttercup?


on November 3, 2015

This month for November is #BlogLikeCrazy. It is the idea that you blog each day for the month of November. Why you might ask? Well, the idea is that you get practice in for your blogs. That is good for me, because I need all the practice I can get. I have not written much since college, so this is a little new for me. Please, hang in with me, because I am a little rusty. My sister is the editor in the family, so I am sorry if this is not perfect. I do my best.

I usually only really blog about the books I am reading for my ERC, but this month I have decided to blog each day about the books I am reading in general. It will give me plenty of practice, and I will talk about the things I am reading and how much I enjoy, or dislike, them. So, lots of fun in general.

Right now I am reading a few books. I always read more than one at a time. I am reading Scarlet by Marissa Meyer for my ERC challenge and The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot for the challenge as well, along as for a challenge on Goodreads. So far, I am enjoying Scarlet and The Princess Diaries is okay. Not my favorite, but I am not too far into the book yet.

Scarlet is a retelling of Little Red Riding Hood, along with parts of Cinderella. It is a sci-fi book with cyborgs, flying cars, etc. I had to look up what a cyborg was when I read the first book, Cinder. Scarlet, as you could guess, is the second book in a series after Cinder. Cinder was a retelling of Cinderella and was wonderful. The first time I picked up Scarlet, I was not a huge fan. It seemed to drag on, but the second time I picked it up, I really enjoyed it. In this sequel we meet Scarlet who is worried because her grandmother is missing. She works on their family farm providing produce to local businesses. She encounters a guy who is a street fighter who goes by the name Wolf. When Scarlet’s father shows up unexpectedly, he begins to talk nonsense and act paranoid while going through her grandmother’s belongs. Scarlet is left trying to solve the mystery of her missing grandmother. We also find out more about Cinder and her struggles to get free from the prison she is in, and to escape the dangers of Lunar Queen Levana. This is a wonderful addition to the Cinder series.

I just finished a book that I am so happy so happy to discuss and review. The book was Playing with Fire by Tess Gerritsen, the author of the Rizzoli and Isles series. Here is my review that I posted on Goodreads:

I want to first thank Ballantine and Netgalley for the opportunity to review this book. I really appreciate this honor.

Julia is an accomplished violinist who is in Rome performing. She has bought gifts for her husband and her daughter, but has yet to find a keepsake for herself. While wandering the streets of Rome she happens upon an antique shop and spies an old copy of Gypsy tunes arranged for the violin. The book is fragile and shows signs of wear through the many years, and Julia knows this is the one item she wants for herself. She buys the treasure, and upon opening it a piece of handwritten, never recorded music falls out. Incendio. She has never heard of this composer, L. Todesco, before and cannot wait to try out the new piece of music that has caught her attention as it is intricate and very challenging.

When Julia returns home she is greeted by her loving husband and the daughter that she adores. She and her husband had tried for several years to get pregnant, so her 3-year-old daughter Lily is the love of their lives.

The day following her return from Rome, Julia keeps Lily home from daycare so the two may spend the day together and have a day filled with laughter, love and hugs. Later in the day, while outside, Julia begins to practice Incendio while Lily plays. Suddenly, Julia is thrown into a world where her 3-year-old is committing serious acts of violence, and Julia is afraid that Incendio may have a connection.

With her husband, doctors, and other family members fearing she is losing her grip on reality, Julia decides to find out where this music came from, who is the original composer, and why could it possibly turn a happy, perky 3-year-old into someone Julia fears.

Throughout the book we also get to meet Lorenzo, a Jewish boy who is so talented with the violin that he is known to make passersby outside the window where he practices weep in appreciation for his music. He slowly over time falls in love with his musician partner Laura. The only issue? Lorenzo lives in war torn Italy during the 30’s. Laura is not Jewish and this puts pressure on their love as Lorenzo is pulled from the home he knows and loves simply based on his faith. Could Lorenzo possibly hold the key to the mysterious music?

This book is told from the perspective of Julia and Lorenzo. Each part is beautiful, moves at a fast pace, and you are a little sad when the section is over.

This story grabs you from the very beginning and never lets go. The action begins right away and with the last 35% of the story I simply could not put it down. This is a story that is a mystery and thriller, part love story, and simply irresistible. I give this book 5 gold stars. Tess Gerritsen is one of my favorite authors, and this book does not disappoint. It is a great standalone novel, and I look forward to her writing more standalones as well. This will be one of my favorite books of the year!

I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday and I look forward to discussing more books with you this month!



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