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Serial Killer Thriller ~ The Mephisto Club by Tess Gerritsen ~ @bookdout #eclecticreader

I cannot believe I forgot to post my full review for The Mephisto Club by Tess Gerritsen! I finished this book on 2/11/2016. I LOVED this book. Yes, it warranted all capital letters! In this novel, we find Rizzoli and Isles in a mystery that is centered around what appears to be a possible satanic ritual. Could that be what it was, or is it just a serial killer looking to throw investigators off the trail?

When the first victim is found, she is brutally murdered, and by all accounts, it seems that there may be satanic group involvement. There are strange markings and symbols left around the home, along with other items placed around the home that seem to be more than just a coincidence.  Right away, Rizzoli knows that this case is not going to be like their others. This one will be different, and it will have a special meaning of some kind. Add to that a mysterious phone call to Rizzoli’s “enemy,” Dr. Joyce O’Donnell, a forensic psychiatrist known to defend serial killers, and we have the makings of a strange tale indeed.

When the killer hits one of the police department’s own, the question remains, was this a kill from convenience or planned murder?

While we are tracing a killer back in Boston, we also meet a young woman traveling throughout Italy trying to run from her own demon. Is it real? Or is it just her imagination?

The Mephisto Club is a wonderful story that brings to light religion, history, and stories you may or may not be aware of from the past. I know for me, it made me want to do even more research into my own religion of Christianity. This was a wonderful book and I could not put it down. I cannot wait to read the next in the series, and I can only hope that it is half as good as this one was! I highly recommend this book to everyone who loves a good thriller, and give it five shiny gold stars! **Note:  This book is very graphic, and if that bothers you, you may want to pass on this one.**

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Down London Road by Samantha Young ~ Completed

In Down London Road we meet Johanna, her brother Cole, her mother, a new guy named Cameron (Cam), and return with old friends from On Dublin Street. I enjoyed this book overall, I really did, but I also had a couple of huge problems. I know that Jo had to grow up before her time due to her family situation, an alcoholic mother, abusive father, etc., but I feel that in the love department she was immature. It was like a daisy. He loves me. He loves me not. He loves me. He loves me not. There was so much back and forth, it was annoying. I rather have an actual plot and storyline than that nonsense. That made me sad because I love the series so much. Oh, well. To each his own. I give it three stars in the end. I liked it, but I did not love it. Here’s hoping that the third in the series is even better!

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Down London Road by Samantha Young

While I am reading several other novels, I am also reading one on audio. Right now I am reading Down London Road by Samantha Young. This is the second novel in the On Dublin Street series. On Dublin Street was one of my favorite romance novels that I had read the year it came out, so this had a lot to live up to. This book is not about a rich playboy who is throwing money around. No, this is about real people who have real flaws, real issues, and more realistic love stories. In Down London Road, we meet Jo who is a bartender by night and an administrative assistant several times a week by day. She is dating a rich older man named Malcolm who she cares about, not just for his money. She is far from wealthy, she struggles with money, taking care of her teenage brother and an alcoholic mother. When she meets a man who judges her from the get-go named Cameron, she is torn. She is drawn to him romantically, but she is also angry for the way he acts as if he already knows her. What will happen between Jo and Cam? Will she give into temptation and breakup with Malcolm to be with Cam? Will she ignore her feelings and stay in a relationship that does not have the same passion so she can be financially taken care of?

In this novel we see more of the characters from the first book, and see how their relationships have progressed as well. It was like seeing old friends again. I am loving this read, and cannot wait to see how it ends.

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Serial killer thriller ~ The Mephisto Club by Tess Gerristen ~ @bookdout #eclecticreader

Right now for the ERC, I am reading The Mephisto Club by Tess Gerristen. Wow! What an excited read! This is classified under the serial killer category, and boy are we off to a good start. So far we have met a young boy who believes he himself is not what he appears. He feels that the family that he is going to live with after the death of his father have no idea who they are welcoming into their home. Fast forward several years and we find ourselves with Rizzoli and Dr. Isles outside a gruesome homicide scene. Could it be at the hands of a satanic ritual? Or just a serial killer who wants it to appear that way? Add in a group who investigates crimes, and you have an exciting novel. There is also a side story of a young woman who is traveling through Italy running for her life. From whom? We have not found that out yet. This is such a wonderful book. Every time I have to put it down I am disappointed. I would love to read it all in one sitting. I cannot wait to give a full review once the book is finished. So far, I highly recommend this read.

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