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Me Before You by JoJo Moyes

on March 11, 2016

Oh, goodness. Let me catch my breath since I have been sobbing, and wipe away my tears so I can see. I actually had to give my review the day after reading this book because I was such a mess when I finished it, and it just stayed with me.

Louisa Clark is a 27 year-old woman in London who lost the job she loved working in a little café. She has been to the local Job Center and tried a myriad of jobs which she disliked. Her last resort is being a caregiver to a quadriplegic for six months. Lou goes on the interview, walking past a surely more qualified nurse exiting the grand home of the Traynors on the way in. Lou is a little different. She dresses for herself, her style is quirky and charming. She is talkative, outgoing, and unique. She is hired on the spot despite the fact she has no nursing skills.

Will Traynor was once a powerful man. He had a big-time job in a grand city, loved to do extreme sports and many adventurous activities. He had a beautiful girlfriend, lots of money, and a life that most people could only dream of. Sadly, his life was forever changed in a motorcycle accident where he was not even the one driving. He was for once, the bystander. Now a 35 year-old quadriplegic, his life is going down a path he despises. He no longer feels he is living life, but rather watching it go by. He is bitter, angry, sad, and sarcastic.

Lou, meet Will. Will meet Lou.

Lou is meant to not care for Will in as a nurse, although she does see to a few of his medication needs and some other typical caregiver roles. She is meant for his attitude, mind, and wellbeing. She is meant to make him want to live his life, because at this time… he no longer wants to live it. He stays in his specially designed annex all day and thinks about how he can end it all. Lou is persistent. With her help, she gets him out and about, slowly but surely. Lou is the Traynor’s last hope. Will she be enough to get their son to want to live again? Learn to not just live life, but love experiencing it again in a new way?

This book made me laugh, it made me cry, it made laugh and cry… as a good book should. By the end I was sobbing and could not read through my tears. This was a joy and pleasure to read. I read it slowly, savoring each word, until the last 40%, and then I read all night until I finally finished. I highly recommend this book to everyone. It is a great look at life, love, joy, sorrow, and learning to spread your wings. Five Shiny Gold Stars.


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