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Looking for Alaska by John Green

on March 21, 2016

In this novel Looking for Alaska we get a glimpse of John Green’s life from when he was in high school at Indian Springs School in Birmingham, AL. An incident involving a student similar to what happened in Looking for Alaska actually occurred at Indian Springs School.

I loved this book for several reasons. I grew up in a tiny community around an hour and a half from Birmingham, AL. There are many things that I could relate to in this book. It is true, no matter where you are from, Florida, Texas, the Midwest, etc., nothing… nothing ever prepares you for the heat of Alabama. Not only the heat but the humidity. He was right in saying that when May starts you can look for 6 months of summer. Another I laughed at was the fact he had fried okra and that was his first foray into the beloved fried vegetables. We can fry anything here and make it delicious. I also loved that one of the main characters was from New Hope. I taught an elementary school about 5 miles from New Hope. So that character would have either attended my elementary school or New Hope Elementary. Pretty awesome, huh?

This was a great book. One that shows people coming into their own after, for example, the main character struggles with friendships and learns to make and be accepted by true friends. He is always searching for The Great Perhaps. Isn’t that what we are all searching for? The Great Possibility. As a “grown-up” I am still searching for the same thing. I do not know if that search ever truly ends. I have religion. I am a Christian, and I know my eternity, and I know that ultimate great end. The not “perhaps,” but the great certainty, but I am searching for The Great Possibility while I am living here in my earthly home. Is it mission work? Is it reaching out to my community here in Auburn? Or is it simply raising a family to the best of my abilities? Creating someone else who will go on to figure out their own Great Perhaps.

This book made you think, no matter your age. It all has something that we can relate to individually. Making friends (no matter your age). First real love, or what we imagine as love. Loving and losing. Realizing that while our time here is short, many of us can be forgotten in the end. It is how you live your life that makes you live on forever.

This is not your typical review. I am not telling about the story, the people, or anything entertaining. I am telling you how this book affected me personally. That while I am not the original age demographic, this is a book that can be relatable to anyone no matter what your age. It was a coming-of-age novel for teens, but also for this adult. It made me think, what would be my lasting impact on this earth? In this state? In this town? In my church? In my family?


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