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Yes Please by Amy Poehler

on April 17, 2016
Yes Please. I have so many thoughts and I had to wait until the next morning to write this review. I heard so many good things about this book and saw where people commented that this was the funniest books they have ever read. I am confused. Were you reading the same thing I was reading? I listened on audio, and I think this is how the book was meant to be. Her voice is precious, the guest readers are amazing, and it was fun to hear her get cracked up. I give this book 3 stars and let me explain why. I am glad she is a woman who feels that she has the right to say no, stand up for herself, and be big and bad in a world full of men. Woman power, I get it. But I did not read this book on a good day. I read the book, or listened and read, in less than 12 hours. I was depressed and needed a good laugh. I was also exhausted, I had been up since 2 am, and went to the gym. She made me cry at the gym when I read about a skit she did in which she felt the need to apologize, and she did. I think I laughed out loud twice in this book. Most of it made me cry a lot. She made me cry because I realized the true statement that she brings up herself, she is not that nice. It actually made me feel bad for those around her that she treated not so nice, and made me sad that I would never feel like I have any right to say hello to her if I met her in the street. It was like listening to your idol admit she is a terrible person, and it just crushes you. I am sure there are people who do not think I am friendly. I am sure there are people who think I am not nice, but I think I try and have my moments. Also, she made me cry because in the end I just felt like she made me feel bad about myself. Like I said, it was not a good day to read this book. I am comparing apples and oranges, but Tina Fey’s Bossypants was genuinely funny, and as my sister said, this book is more poignant. She discusses how difficult this book was to write, and it sounded like it as well. There seemed to be no storyline, everything jumped around from time period to different time period. I just liked it, but not that much. In the end, I was sitting in a living room with one lamp because the other lamp’s bulb had blown and I did not have any to replace it with yet, I was exhausted, sad, disappointed, and crying. Not a good result from a humor book.

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