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Yes, My Accent is Real: and Other Things I Haven’t Told You

on April 20, 2016

I feel bad. The past two books that I have read have been 3 stars. First there was Yes Please by Amy Poehler, and now this little delight from Kunal Nayyar. I say “little” delight since I liked this book, but I did not love it. There were some excellent insights, neat culture references, loving moments between Nayyar and his father, the loving relationship and respect he has towards his new wife, and fun stories about The Big Bang Theory. I am a HUGE Big Bang fan. These were some of my favorite moments from the book. Other favorites included moments between his father. I loved the moment when he goes shopping with his father and mother. Put my mother in a Wal-Mart instead of a Target, and I am there with him. One difference is when his father expresses his love over something that Nayyar lovingly surprises him with, my father would say, “I love that, DO NOT buy it for me!” He knows I would buy him anything he says he loves ASAP. It drives him crazy! This book made me want to cry for several reasons. His love, care, and respect he has for those around him can be a rare thing in today’s society. So, these were not tears of sadness but rather tears of happiness. I am not sure why I only gave this book 3 stars versus 4 or 5, but I just have been spoiled with Bossypants and books by Mindy Kaling. This was just not on that level. I think, like most books read by the author, the audio book is the way to go. I got cracked up because he said at one point that he exaggerated Raj’s accent on Big Bang, like he was “fresh off the boat.” I have seen every single episode many, many times. I own them all on DVD, watch them regularly, and literally every time it is on TV. I honestly did not notice one difference in his accent. That made me smile. This was a good read, and I am glad I read it, but it was just not the best I have ever read. I would recommend this book to others, and hope they found it more enjoyable than I did. I have a new found respect for him, and I think if I met him in the street I would be happy to talk to him. Not only would I be happy, but he sounds like it just might make his day as well.


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