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The Heir by Kiera Cass

on May 9, 2016

In The Selection series America Singer is one of the 35 girls trying to win the heart of Prince Maxon Schreave. The series is set up like The Bachelor TV show with the selection process being aired throughout the country. Some people compare it to The Hunger Games as well, but that is nowhere near being true. The closest thing is the fact there is a caste system by which people are divided to in regards to their status within society. This is one of those book series that pulls you in based on the cover alone. You cannot help but want to read it because it is simply so gorgeous. See what I mean:

The_Selection_CoverDon’t you just want to drop what you are reading now and pick this up? I know I did. I read this and the others on a vacation and long car trip to the beach. While this was not the best thing I ever read, I loved it. I think I gave it 5 stars. I gave the first two 5 stars and the third one 3 stars. But on to the fourth book, The Heir.

The-Heir_612x925Once again, this book draws you in with the gorgeous cover. But like they say, do not judge a book by it’s cover. In this case, the content does not match the beauty of the image. This book takes place after Prince Maxon has married his bride and they have four children. Princess Eadlyn is preparing to follow in her father’s footsteps as she is next in line for the throne. Since she beat her twin brother by seven minutes as the eldest, she is learning the ropes of how to lead the country of  Illéa. This will be the first time a female will lead the country. While the caste system is no more, there has been an uprising within some of the poorer areas. In a way to smooth things over, cause a distraction until things can be changed, and to give the country something positive to focus on, Eadlyn’s mother and father talk her into having a Selection of her own. This time, the first of the country’s history, there will be a female seeking out 35 males to compete for a princess’s love. Edlyn goes into this “show” half-heartedly with the promise that she does not have to get engaged at the end. She is willing, however, to go through the process for at least 3 months.

Eadlyn is a slight… brat. She is spoiled, powerful (or feels that way), and whiny. I listened to this book on audio, and she sounded very spoiled, and I am not sure if the narrator made her less whiny than what I would have made her in my own mind. When she first meets the 35 potential suitors, she is not kind to them. She makes drastic cuts right away without really getting to know anyone. She sets herself up for failure it seems from the very beginning.

While, at the first, Eadlyn does not imagine herself falling in love with any of the men, she does begin to have feelings for them. Something she saw as such a terrible idea is now turning out to be not so bad. While this book ends on a cliffhanger I guess, we do not really know her true feelings towards any specific person for now. I am sure in the fifth book, The Crown, we will find out Princess Eadlyn’s fate.

I know from the very start of the selection process, I had in my mind who I wanted her to be with. It is not a conventional choice, so I am thinking it will not happen this way. If it does, I will be pleasantly surprised. This book was nowhere near as good as the first three, or two really. These last two could almost be a separate series if you have not read the first three. I enjoyed this book, but I did not love it. I overall give the story 3 stars. The narrator for the audio book I give 5 stars. I thought she did a wonderful job. I will read the last book to finish up the series, but only to finish up the series.

Here are just a few of the ridiculous names that are in this book:

Kile (Kyle)

Ahren (Aaron)




For names like Kile and Ahren, why make them so stupid looking?



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