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Blueberry Muffin Murder by Joanne Fluke

on July 10, 2016

I loved this installment of the Hannah Swensen Mysteries. In Blueberry Muffin Murder, we have a new case with new characters. A famous cook, cookbook author, TV personality, entrepreneur, leading lady (similar to Paula Deen) Connie Mac is found murdered in Hannah’s kitchen. The list of suspects is pretty large considering how terrible Connie Mac actually was in real life. She was not the happy, nice person she portrayed on television. As Hannah “promises” not to get involved, we find her doing that very thing.

I thought this was once of the best that I read so far in the series. I usually guess whodunit around 50% into the book, and this time it was more like 80%. I liked the storyline, the characters, the setting of a winter festival, everything. If you like this series, you will love this book. If you like cozy mysteries at all, I highly recommend this one for you! Five shiny gold stars!

Also, I listened on audio, and the narrator is wonderful!


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