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The Magpies by Mark Edwards

on July 27, 2016

Hum. What to say about this book. I had such high hopes. I read the backstory for this book and how he came up with the idea online. It sounded scary and wonderful. The introduction was wonderful and while reading it in the dark of my bedroom I was thoroughly creeped out. Almost afraid. Fast forward to the rest of the book.

Jamie and Kirsty are a young couple who have moved into their first “flat” that is completely their own. They paid a good price, as the seller wanted to leave quickly we would later learn. Upon moving into the apartment, they throw a party and get to know several of the neighbors. Some are kind, some are odd. Mary a herbalist is quick to dispense advice on how to use herbs to heal the body. Kirsty who is a nurse in a children’s ward at the hospital is quick to say that it is a bunch of nonsense. Jamie who works with computers becomes an asset to one of the residents who works on children’s horror novels. A couple Lucy and Chris are friendly enough, but are strange upon meeting them.

When Jamie and Kirsty first begin to receive hoaxes such as packages of crazy books from Amazon, pizzas they did not order, cabs they did not request, they wonder who the culprit could be. As time goes on more and more disturbing things begin to occur. One particular is a total phobia of mine and I could hardly read it.

Soon, Jamie realizes that this is no cat and mouse game, this is deadly. Can they stop the monsters who lurk within their apartment complex before it destroys both of their lives?

I was not crazy about this book. The entire time I thought Jamie was such a wimp and needed to grow a pair. The ending was unsatisfying to me, not because it did or did not end with a pretty bow, but because I needed a main character with guts. I did not find this book to be scary or really that much of a thriller. It was just an okay book. Something to pass the time. I read it on audio, and the narrator did a wonderful job. I give this book three stars.


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