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Girl Walks into a Bar . . .: Comedy Calamities, Dating Disasters, and a Midlife Miracle by Rachel Dratch

So, I have not had good luck with comedienne memoirs. They were too serious, left me feeling sad, literally made me cry (in a bad way), just all around not the best. To be fair, I had read Bossypants, and that was hard to live up to already.  I had heard that Rachel Dratch’s book was really funny, so I decided to give it a go. Boy, am I glad I did! Oh, my! I cannot wait to discuss this book. Girl Walks into a Bar . . .: Comedy Calamities, Dating Disasters, and a Midlife Miracle, was exactly the book I needed. It was funny, had heart, had a character you could relate to, and even made you cry in the best way possible. For joy.

Rachel Dratch is a funny woman. She is someone who is often typecast (in her own words) as the best friend lesbian or overweight friend. That is unfair to such a beautiful, talented person. I do not know if I realized how funny she was until I read this book. I felt like so many times I was saying, I feel you, girl.

Dratch discusses growing up in her family, her stint as SNL, life after SNL, the struggles of acting, and life and dating after what everyone thinks is your prime. All of this is done with the best humor. If you can get the audio book, do yourself the favor and get it. She has actual clips from SNL and they are not to be missed. I love her part of Debbie Downer and how she broke character. I was laughing until I had tears.

Dratch was very open with her struggles with dating, and I appreciated that. Her crazy stories of odd characters she attracted made me feel better about my own life. Haha. The tales she shares make her relatable and feel like you are are having a good chat with an old friend.

This book was one of my favorite humorous memoirs. I only cried when it was a happy and sweet moment, not something that was depressing. I could read this over and over again, and I just might! I give this five shiny gold stars, and I highly recommend this book to everyone! Get the audio, she is a true gem as the narrator.

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Jenn McKinlay – The Cupcake Bakery Mysteries

I was on the audible website checking out a 2 for 1 sale, and I had found a book that I knew I would enjoy, but needed a second one to complete the deal. It was then that I stumbled upon a new series that I would come to love. The book was Sprinkle With Murder by Jenn McKinlay, and was a new cozy mystery series. This one is also based on food, cupcakes being the main theme. Mel(anie) and her friend Angie operate a cupcake shop, backed by their friend Nate. The three have remained friends from school age, through college, and as adults. They love to quote movies at random times, similar to my sister and myself, and guess what movie the quote came from. It makes for a fun read. The books are more like Stephanie Plum than Hannah Swensen. While it is a cozy mystery, there are still a couple of curse words, and more actual romance than a sweet kiss in this set of books. Sprinkle with Murder is just book the first in several by this author. She has a few different series, including one library series that I got and hope to read soon. Since this post I have read four of the five, or listened rather, available on audible. There are at least three more I am waiting to become available, and one that is coming out soon. This series is a lot of fun and while sometimes you know who the killer is before the ending, it is not halfway through like some cozy mysteries. I have actually been surprised a time or two with things that occur. I give this series five shiny gold stars. While some are better than others, and some of the stories do not make the most sense, it is still a great ride. One of my main questions was how they made money if it seemed they were never at the shop. Some of that gets explained, but not as much to my liking. If you are searching for a little change of pace, something to relax with while sitting outside on your porch swing, taking a nice trip, or want a light “beach read,” I suggest you check this series out. You will be glad you did.

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