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Gasp! The Book Spoiler

on April 28, 2016

So, I am starting a new blog. I have not made a post yet, and do not worry. I am still going to post here as well. On this site I will be posting about books that I have read, what I think, give a little review like normal. The new one will be completely different in one major way, and is going to be difficult for me. I will be doing… spoilers. That is right. This will be a blog where I will go through the book and discuss it fully and will even give away the ending. There will always be a disclaimer at the beginning of every review to let people know if they have not read the book, do not continue, or if they simply want to know what it is about… that is the place to be. I came up with this idea while I was trying to find a spoiler for a book I had already read, but could not remember what it was about exactly. My review on Goodreads was something you would find anywhere else, mainly hit the highlights without revealing anything. You could find it on the back of any book, or magazine, and raved about how much I loved the book, but not really why. The point of that was so I did not give away any information that might spoil the book for someone else. I am so overly cautious, that most times, when I go back and look over my own reviews, I have no idea what the book was even about. This blog will be for people like me who want to remember the book, want to discuss the book in detail, or just want to know what happens without having to read the darn thing (Which I do not want!). One of my favorite sites of all time is TheMovieSpoiler.com. I use it to read through movies I am too terrified to actually watch. On this site, people submit descriptions of movies from beginning to end that they have just seen. So you can go in, read the movie, and not have to actually watch it. I will do this for anything horror, or many times thrillers. I am a huge chicken, and I just cannot watch scary movies, but I always want to know what happens! So this way, I can know, see it in my mind, but do not have to see it with my eyes. Also, there have been some movies that are so scary I could not even get the courage to read through the entire spoiler. Now, That is a scary movie. So my new blog will be something similar. It will hit the highlights or sections that I liked, or did not like, and discuss them. I encourage you to discuss your thoughts as well! Like I said before, this will be very hard for me because I do not like to give anything away. Ever! I am the worst person to sit next to when you are at a movie and you want to know what is about to happen. I am keeping my lips sealed.

So, here is to something new. A new “chapter.” Haha. If you are interested, you can find it under the Blogs That I Follow section, or at this link here:  Gasp! The Book Spoiler. But be warned, there will be spoilers. This site will continue to be for reviews that are basic overviews and opinions, no spoilers here!




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  1. […] and will let you know how this one goes when I finish. Also, look for my review with SPOILERS on Gasp! The Book Spoiler! I know this was not really a review yet, but I am only about halfway in. I should finish tonight, […]

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